Skip – Teddy Roosevelt’s Presidential Rat Terrier

President Theodore Roosevelt was famous for his love of animals and family dogs. One of these dogs who lived in the White House was Skip, an early Rat Terrier.

While details on exactly where TR got Skip are a bit murky, it was on a hunting trip in 1905 that he found this little guy. I have read accounts that he got skip in Colorado, California and the Grand Canyon. TR wrote to his daughter “going to bring home a most absurd little dog called Skip as a present to Archie. He is half fox terrier and half bull terrier, and he is as cunning as possible. He likes to ride on the horses with us when we will let him, and bounces in to do his share of the worry whenever a bear or bobcat is shot. At night, he has insisted on sleeping with me. He is as hard as nails and if we do not let him ride will travel thirty miles over the mountains with entire indifference; and has spasms of shrill woe when he has run off after something and thinks he has lost us.”

Once while President Roosevelt was alone in the White House with the family on a trip he wrote “Poor Skip is a very, very lonely little dog without his family. Each morning he comes up to see me at breakfast time and during most of breakfast (which I take in the hall just outside my room) Skip stands with his little paws on my lap. Then when I get through and sit down in the rocking-chair to read for fifteen or twenty minutes, Skip hops into my lap and stays there, just bathing himself in the companionship of the only one of his family he has left..”

The Skip story by most accounts ends that Skip passed away before the Roosevelts left the White House. Initially Skip was buried in the White House lawn. Before leaving however, Mrs Roosevelt has Skip moved to the family estate in Sagamore Hill.

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Sister Stacey Litter

The Sister Stacey Litter – This beautiful litter was born on the birthday of Stephanie’s late sister, Stacey. When we had Hope X-Rayed the prediction was for 4, maybe 5, puppies. We were blessed with 7 amazing babies. Pictures are the famous x-ray, the litter their first morning, and the litter at week 4.

Joy – First Born of the litter – On Breeder hold. Pics at 5 weeks added with her baby sister Star.

Star Breeder Hold – Pics at 5 weeks added with bottle below and also with her sister Joy above.

PipSOLD to Banks family- Originally the smallest of the litter Pip, short for Pipsqueak, has grown fast in both size and personality. He has beautiful Black Tri markings and his tan points remind us of his mother and Aunt Glory.

New pics at 5 weeks added with Pip solo and 2nd from left.

BearSOLD to the Paradiso’s- Named because he reminds us of a teddy bear due to his color and being cuddly. Bear is a Blue Fawn Tri with great tan marks and AMAZING blue eyes.

Picture at 5 weeks added with bottle toy.

TennesseeSOLD to Zentner family – Tennessee is a real show stopper with his tuxedo markings. He has those same tan points on his face, along with a blaze like his mother Hope. He is a fun little guy who is already involved on the action.

New pics at 5 weeks added playing with toy.

Skully – SOLD to the Daniels Family – Skully’s markings are the same blue fawn as his brother Bear. His body is all white with his markings on on his hard and face.

Pic at 5 weeks added with toy.

Leia – SOLD to the McFadden family – The last of our 7 to be born, Leia was the largest from the start. Leia’s markings are Blue with some tan marks in her face. She is very active and affectionate, just like her mother.

It is been pointed out online that some people think she look like the RCA dog.†Pics at 5 weeks added.

Dam – Cal Val Royal Full Of Hope – Our Hope is a beautiful standard Rat Terrier and comes from champion and grand champion lines from all 4 of her grandparents. She is a sweet and loving girl with a gentle disposition.

Sire – Vegas Golden Knight Rocco

AKC Litter Certificate with Lineage