Special Attention for Your Special Addition to Your Family

Your puppy is the start of a lifelong relationship with a new member of your family. We know how important that is, and go to great lengths to make sure all our babies are healthy, happy and socialized. We treat every puppy like we will be ours.

We have a room dedicated for our dogs full time. We use this room for whelping and the early weeks with us. We start with a whelping box then expand the area as they grow. We spend large amounts of time in the room with them until they are old enough to carry to others parts of the house. We even sleep in the room with them to make sure other mothers are comfortable and happy.

As they get older we also incorporate them into our family room to begin get more socialization and attention. They also get used to things like the noises from the TV. As they grow, we expand their area some the small caged area, to the TC area, to eventually the entire room.

When they are a little older we also introduce them to outside. To help us keep them all wrangled in we have a small area specially enclosed to keep them together in a manageable area.

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