How it started

Our love for Rat Terriers began in the fall of 2001. We were engaged and getting ready to get married, certainly not looking for a puppy. When Stephanie met Olivia though it was love at first site. From there it was no going back. Olivia was a UKC toy Rat Terrier, though by current AKC standards would probably just fit in as a small mini. We took Olivia everywhere with us, including our honeymoon.

After a little over a year, we decided that Olivia “needed a puppy.” From there were found Bella and added her to the family. Bella was a “Type B” Rat Terrier, or what would now be a Teddy Roosevelt Terrier.

When Olivia was diagnosed with cancer we were devastated. We found a canine oncologist and took her for weekly chemotherapy. After a summer of treatment Olivia lost her struggle. Six months later we similarly lost our Bella.

IT took a long time to start thinking of new puppies. Once we starting looking however, this is the picture that decided it.

It was important to us to find puppies from a good breeder with a long history of healthy pups and a commitment to the breed. We were very lucky to find an amazing breeder in Gail Holloway at Cal Val Rat Terriers. Hope and Glory proved to be everything we could have hoped for, and more.

While we were not originally looking to breed, after a time we started to reconsider. We had always regretted not having a little Oliva and Bella to carry on. Given the amazing bloodline and family history or Cal Val we felt even more that it would be a shame to have the line stop with our girls.

Once we started, we realized how much this amazing breed needs more people who are advocates for Rat Terriers working to help promote the line. there is a lot to learn, but we are dedicated to being the best breeders we can be. For us it is a labor of love to be able to protect the breed and share the joy that they bring with others.